Insurance Plans

Insurance Plans

Affordable Dentures & Emergency Dentistry and More in Jacksonville, NC

Parker Dental accepts most insurance plans. Our emergency family dentist wants you to have peace of mind about your coverage. If you have questions about your particular insurance plan, just call us at (910) 595-5458 and we’ll let you know if we take your plan. If you’re visiting us for the first time, make sure to bring all the insurance information we need to process your claim.

Typically, our customers will have to pay a portion of their bill at their appointments. Please be prepared to pay the remaining balance your insurance company won’t cover. The insurance company is usually only responsible for a portion of your treatment costs. 

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Insurance Companies Our Family Dentist Accepts

Participating providers Parker Dental works with include:

• Delta Dental  • Blue Cross Blue Shield • MetLife • TRICARE MetLife • United Concordia

Parker Dental also accepts TRICARE insurance to cover military service members. We will work with your insurance provider to make sure all your dental services are covered. Make sure to bring your insurance ID to each visit. Contact us to ask about participating providers and insurance plans. 

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